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Music on – World off

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You know those evenings when you want to just slow it down? Watching how the fire in the candles lights the way, listening melancholic music, enjoying a cup of hot drink and loading your batteries under the blanket. Maybe even reading something special like that brand new Christmas magazine or your favourite book or magazine. […]

A perfect playlist for embracing hygge || Täydellinen soittolista hyggeilyn syleilemiseen

Business - Yrittäjyys, Music on - World off

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You can listen to this playlist with Spotify (featuring some extra songs) HERE. | Kuuntele tätä soittolistaa Spotifyssa (kera extrabiisien) TÄÄLLÄ. On Sunday, it was time to get back to the hustle-mode after semi-vacay and there’s nothing that would match more with it than sharing a boosting Thursday Tunes playlist. For many of us, the […]

12 Songs that increase productivity (and aren’t classical music) | 12 Biisiä tuottavuuden lisäboostiksi (ei sisällä klassista musiikkia)

Music on – World off

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This week I have felt quite relaxed and it feels beyond awesome to finally feel this way. Everything seems to be in order, my stress level has been down and I feel alive. And the music… that definitely helps so here are the songs that turn my mood to even more relaxed and gets me […]

9 x Thursday Tunes: Chilling moments

Music on - World off

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Wonderful 1st of March, lovelies! ♡ What would be a better way to start this first official spring month than sharing with you songs that always lift my spirit up -for no matter what. These are the songs that make me forget all my problems, gets smile on my face, make my hips moving and my […]

7 x Thursday Tunes: Songs that lift you up

Music on – World off

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First, I’m so sorry for this delay!  A lot has been happening and I just haven’t found time to get so deep with the giveaway that ended. BUT! Here I am, telling you who’s the lucky one *drum roll*: ELISA Congratulations! I’ll send you an e-mail and when you reply with your address, I’ll send […]

Have you won? + Sunday Sound | Ootko sä voittanut? + Sunnuntain äänimaisema

Deep thoughts - Syvällistä, Music on - World off

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Today, as a part of the theme day ‘Thursday Tunes’, I’ll let you in to my mind and share my so-called “empowering songs” in random order that have affected me in one way or other -with a positive outcome. And I really believe that one song can actually change your life. Because it can make […]

10 x Thursday Tunes: Songs that made me stronger

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Shortly, I'm 30-years-old serial entrepreneur, hopeless life-romantic and three-time cancer survivor (and the third battle going on, literally, in my head). I'm living in Finland, drinking too much green tea and enjoying life to the fullest with my best friend aka Hubby and our miraculous fourth-grader. I’m here to empower, motivate and inspire you to believe that nothing in life is impossible while reminding you to live this one life -not just barely exist. I'm your go-to person who encourages you to live fully while building your dream life as a fellow dreamer or as an entrepreneur.

I believe in whimsy, wonder and that the journey of life should be filled with joyful adventures. Just like Oscar Wilde said it -life is too important to be taken seriously! Life really is a party 😍

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