A Quick catch up with you lovelies!


Hello lovelies and wonderful Wednesday! 

First off, sorry for the only in Finnish posts lately. In the last weekend, I was invited as a blogger
to the I love me-fair in Helsinki. I love me-fair is the largest health, beauty, fashion and well-being
event in Nordic countries.

The whole experiment was beyond words and one of my long-term dreams to come true. 

I came back to Southern Ostrobothnia on Monday and I’ve been feeling so tired since that. Huh. What a feeling 😞
 Any tips to get more energy? 😊

But in the same time I feel so inspired and there’s coming up A LOT of inspiring posts
and introducing you to some awesome companies! Can’t wait! 😍
Anyway, this post was just a little note for you lovelies who read this blog in English.
Just a little catch up to tell you that this blog is still very English even though there will be some posts only available in Finnish (as it will be some posts only in English)! So hang on! 

How are you doing?
What’s new in your life? 😊

With love & style | Rakkaudella & tyylillä,
Elisabet M. Rinne

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With love & style | Rakkaudella & tyylillä, Mira
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