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A 30-years-old entrepreneur, hopeless life-romantic and three-time cancer survivor. I'm living in Finland, drinking too much green tea and enjoying life to the fullest with my best friend aka Hubby and our miraculous fourth-grader.

I'm a marketing nerd and an university dropout turned into a successful serialpreneur with my nearly 17 years of experience (yep, don't let my age fool you!). My greatest passion and expertise in life&biz is to turn impossible situations into possible,   empower dreamers&doers, like you, to love the life they live and turn your passion into a paycheck -(without it taking over their life.)

Hey Friend, I'm Mira Rinne

  1. Iina Moukola says:

    Olipa kiva postausidea! smile

  2. Kiitos! Ilo saada positiivista palautetta smile

  3. Mary Dillon says:

    Love all these outfits! Thanks for the inspo!


  4. So glad to hear that you love these, thank you for your feedback! xx

  5. Vitsi miten kiva postaus! Jään myöskin sun blogiasi seurailemaan, vaikuttaa varsin mielenkiintoiselta smile

  6. Kiitos, ihana kuulla, että pidit! smile Oi, tervetuloa, uusia seuraajia on aina yhtä luksusta saada! smile Kerro ihmeessä, jos tuloo postaustoiveita tai vaikkapa niin positiivista kuin negatiivistakin palautetta! smile

  7. Olen myös haaveillut tuollaisesta röyhelöhihaisesta paidasta niin kuin Niina Lahtisella siinä mainoksessa.

  8. Mikä mainos on kyseessä? smile Itse en ole sitä nähnyt, mutta nämä röyhelöhihaiset yksilöt ovat kyllä niin ihania! smile


I would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks for sharing and have a wonder-filled day chasing your dreams! Olisi ihanaa saada kuulla mietteitäsi. Kiitos jakamisesta ja unelmientäyteistä päivää sinne sulle!

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You, my friend, hold all the power to choose your response towards life
-no matter what life throws at you. And that's where freedom lies -in your own ability
to rewrite your narrative. I believe that as long there is life, there's hope. No matter what's the story. 

Shortly, I'm 30-years-old serial entrepreneur, hopeless life-romantic and three-time cancer survivor (and the third battle going on, literally, in my head). I'm living in Finland, drinking too much green tea and enjoying life to the fullest with my best friend aka Hubby and our miraculous fourth-grader. I’m here to empower, motivate and inspire you to believe that nothing in life is impossible while reminding you to live this one life -not just barely exist. I'm your go-to person who encourages you to live fully while building your dream life as a fellow dreamer or as an entrepreneur.

I believe in whimsy, wonder and that the journey of life should be filled with joyful adventures. Just like Oscar Wilde said it -life is too important to be taken seriously! Life really is a party 😍

Hi, I'm Mira. 

Ok, let's be pen pals!

I love to empower you, my fellow dreamer and doer, with all the great co-adventures this life has to offer for you and me. So, if you're ready to have fun while building your dream life  -order my free newsletter. 

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