#131 – The Silent Treatment

[Herbert List – Sans Titre, 1937]
[Finally after the technical problems I can actually release this post!]
It’s been almost a month since my last post…
A little bit unexpected silent treatment.
And because  -as you all know- in life you can never know what’s waiting on the next corner, I didn’t have a chance to informer you lovelies about this unexpected {blog}silent treatment. And all my planned posts are under the renew.
I’ve been going through a lot {as I have mentioned} and over a while ago something changed. To worse to even more worse. I didn’t plan this unexpected {blog}silent treatment, but I just didn’t have the strentgh to write.
And to be honest, it’s still a long way to getting my strentgh back. But I know I’ll succeed in it, because I’ve the honour to be blessed with amazing people around me. My spouse, who I can always trust to. Our son, who has the power to change the rainiest day into the sunniest one. My soul sister, who will always be on my side. And the rest of my family who make it so easy to believe that life is incredible beautiful. Plus, I’m guessing I was made one of the strong ones because life has never been easy for me -and still, here I am. More stronger than ever.
[By Therese Sennerholt]

And beside of my family there’s always been a couple of true resources;
fashion and sport that have carried me a long way.

And writing about fashion in my blog is a dream come true because it gives me a lot.
Often I’m asked; “How can you LOVE something so shallow like fashion?”, especially from those who don’t necessarily see the beauty in fashion, much less the love and true passion for it. But for me, fashion isn’t just about the latest trends nor what to wear. It’s not just what I see or read on the fashion bibles{=magazines, books etc.} nor what’s on the runway.
For me, fashion is about what’s in my heart.

What feels right, inspires me and makes my heart beating. For me, fashion is the highest form of art. A form of individualism, creativity and self-expression. It’s a way of life.
That’s why it feels so weird to not being able to write here. But step by step I’m back here and getting my strentgh back and I can only hope you’ll walk this journey with me.

The reason why I’m opening up a little it’s because so often we are too afraid to open up. 
We forget that’s it’s the deepest pain which empowers us to grow into our highest selves. We forget that without weaknesses, we can’t be strong. That’s why we feel the pressure to hide any bad thing, because we are afraid that somebody may use those weak moments against us somehow. In this sick world it’s easy to forget that no one can’t be perfect, but it’s our imperfections what makes us truly beautiful.
Especially here in the blog atmosphere it’s quite easy to forget that everyone
is fighting a battle because the most of the {fashion/style} blogs are all about the surface, materialistic things. Only few of them have succeed in bringing their own voices into their blogs. Of course, there are those bloggers that have decide to go with the surface and it’s more than okay. But the most of them are just afraid to reveal more.
But the true is that if somebody use it in a wrong way, that someone would lose the fight against us. Because without any difficulitites a human being can’t never be complete and if somebody’s greatest asset is our history or our battles… well, it’s a sure thing that “the somebody” would lose a fight.
I don’t mean that we need to reveal all about our lifes -I certaintly wouldn’t feel comfortable about it and that’s why the things I have told here and will tell here aren’t so private. If you know what I mean. I wouldn’t mind if my future employer reads those things
-because those things will just tell her/him that I’ve more than an enough life experience and more than enough capable of finishing any projects on my own

That’s why I want my fashion blog to be different by sharing my deep thoughts and my fashion knowledge. Plus a relationship gets better only if you let others in.
So now it’s your turn to let me in; how are YOU doing?

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