10 x Thursday Tunes: Songs that made me stronger

10 x Thursday Tunes: Songs that made me stronger

Today, as a part of the theme day ‘Thursday Tunes’, I’ll let you in to my mind and share my so-called “empowering songs” in random order that have affected me in one way or other -with a positive outcome. And I really believe that one song can actually change your life.

Because it can make you believe in magic; to make you hope even though you only see darkness around you, to give you strength to breathe and dream, to work harder towards your dreams and
to make you believe that life really is a wonderful thing.

This was a song that I listened hours and hours when I battled with an eating disorder.
And when I listened to it, I felt like finally someone understands me and that maybe
I’m gonna be alright.

This song by The National may not be so empowering when it comes to
its lyrics but I just love the sounds in it. The rhythm is something that made me feel
peaceful when my head was a total mess after a burnout.

This song gave me hope when I was battling with the beast called anorexia nervosa.
It made me think that one day… will be a good day. And it came true; nowadays almost
every day is a good day. And I’m so glad I stuck around to see my life as it is right now.

The description this song is “a song about losing hope” and it feels like a warm hug.
Like you are not the only one battling against demons and that you are not alone.

His album were this song is from, The Sparrow and The Crow, is something I highly recommend
if you are dealing with a broken heart and just lost a relationship that you thought would last forever.
So beautiful songs with a deep thoughts that will make you believe that you’ll be alright and something much better will come.

This is a song that makes my heart beat faster and makes me believe
that the dog days really are over; it’s time for the new beginnings and time to something new.
Btw, if you love Florence + The Machine like me, listen to THIS over a hour long live recording.

This is a song about loving yourself unconditionally and I feel fierce when I listen to it.
Like I have it all inside of me. All along.

This song is so beautiful with its lyrics and its sounds.
I was living hell after hell and was thinking that what kind of hell comes next.
It never did. Instead of something painful, the freedom came next because I finally let the light
come in and it reminded me that I’m not lost -just like Rose sings in this song.
And that felt kind of magic.

This is a song that makes my dreams go wilder
and makes me realize that I really have everything it takes
to turn those big dreams into reality.

This is a powerful song; it gives you hope and strength and shows the life like it is:
beautiful and full of miracles. This song also reminds me of our little miracle 

What songs empower you and do those have any story behind them? 

With love & style | Rakkaudella & tyylillä, 
Elisabet M. Rinne

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With love & style | Rakkaudella & tyylillä, Mira
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